The Night Time Routine To Help You Glow Up

Glowing up yourself inside and out is a wonderful journey to head down. And one of the best things you can do to truly glow yourself up is to make the steps a part of your daily routines. The daily routine we are talking about today is the items you can add to your night time routine to help you glow up.

Before we jump into this routine I do want to remind you that the most important part of working on “glowing up” your life is to focus on becoming the best and most confident version of yourself. For yourself and your needs not to look a certain way to accomplish things you feel that you have to. It’s all about becoming who you want and truly need to be!

So that being said now it’s time to get into this night time routine that can help you glow up!

The Night Time Routine To Help You Glow Up

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The Night Time Routine To Help You Glow Up

Ultimate night time glow up routine:

Idea 1) Hydrate before going to sleep

Increasing your water intake has so many health benefits. So on day 2 grab a water bottle with a tracker on it (here’s an affordable one) and start getting more water each night before going to sleep.

This has great benefits for your physical health as well as your mental health. And of course your skin will thank you too!

Idea 2) Stretch

Stretching is not only great for helping your body but it also can help to relax your body and your mind. Which can help you get better sleep at night. And getting better sleep is a huge part of glowing up your life due to all of it’s amazing benefits.

So add this simple step to your night time routine!

Idea 3) Do a face mask

Face masks are so relaxing and can help to transform your skin.

I talk about some of my favorite face masks here that you can check out!

Idea 4) Disconnect from your phone for an hour before sleeping

Getting off your phone is so important for keeping you in touch with those around you and being more present.

It also gives you an hour a day where you are focusing on yourself and not others. And not being on your phone can help your mind disconnect from the craziness of the world so you can sleep better at night.

Also, removing the bright light on your eyes at night can help your eye health as well.

Idea 5) Moisturize

This is such an important part of your evening skin care routine. And it can help your skin in the long run be healthier and there is a ton of science that says it can help slow signs of aging.

I always recommend experimenting with multiple different moisturizers until you find the one that works the best for your skin.

Idea 6) Whiten your teeth

Whitening your teeth is another physical glow up step but one that I think is fun and has instant gratification. 

Grab some whitening strips like this and give it a try! But make sure to consult with your dentist if you have never whitened before or use any other mouth/teeth products.

This isn’t something you would do daily of course but making it at least a monthly task can really help your smile!

Idea 7) Journal

I recommend getting a journal if you don’t already have one and finding a list of daily journal prompts to start with.

Journaling is great for helping you wrap up your day and make sure that you are in touch with your thoughts and feelings about the day.

Idea 8) Talk positively about yourself

When you talk positively to yourself about yourself you are practicing self love. And ultimately you can never fully glow up until you are making an effort to love yourself! 

End each day moving forward saying a few positive things about yourself. And when you catch yourself thinking negative things about yourself try to counter it by thinking about all of your amazing and incredible qualities!

Idea 9) Get your beauty sleep

What this means is not staying up too late and making sure that you are making sure getting enough sleep is a priority each night.

This will mean something different for everyone so it’s important to figure out what you need to do to make that beauty sleep happen each night!

Idea 10) Apply lip balm

This is a very simple glow up night time routine idea but it isn’t one that you should overlook.

Trust me your lips will feel better than ever with a little attention each night!

Idea 11) Meditation

Meditation is probably one of the most commonly suggested self care night time routine items and for a good reason. Meditating is so calming and can really help you relax and unwind after a tough day. Or after any day!

Also, if you are new to meditating I recommend heading over to YouTube and following a free guided meditation on there. Or downloading a free meditation app. Either way, no need to buy expense meditation courses!

Idea 12) Use scents while getting ready for bed for self care

Different scents can help create different environments. I want to share a couple of my favorite night time scents and products quickly! 

Pillow mist– Nuvo sleep mist (lavender and chamomile). This pillow mist is so calming and create a peaceful environment for you to put your head down on while trying to fall asleep.

Candle- Sweet Water Decor in “spa day”. I like to light this candle at night while doing my skin care and journaling. It create a serene setting and the scent lingers for a while after putting out the candle so you can fall asleep to a light scent in the air.

Lotion– Bath and Body Works “Sleep Black Chamomile”. This is a long term favorite of mine because it is so relaxing and calming. I love applying this lotion all over before climbing into bed! 

I hope that this gave you some ideas and tips for creating a night time routine that will help you glow up!

Creating a new night time routine can be a bit overwhelming so before ending I want to quickly share some tips for making a night time routine stick:

  • Write down the items you want to have as part of your night time routine. It’s easier to be able to check that list rather than trying to remember things when you are first starting your night time routine.
  • Keep that list with your night time routine somewhere visible! Either write it on paper and hang it up somewhere in your bedroom or make it digital and have it somewhere visible on your phone.
  • Use a habit tracker to mark off each time you do the items on your night time routine so you can see your progress!

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