9 Tips For Doing Your Makeup Faster

Okay, let’s be honest that as much fun as makeup can be it isn’t necessarily what you want to do early in the morning when you need to get to work or school. I used to spend 30 minutes doing my makeup in the morning and I slowly learned how to do it better and quicker. Now I can do my full face of makeup in less than 15 minutes. So let’s get into the tips for doing your makeup faster you need to learn!

9 tips for doing makeup faster!

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9 Tips For Doing Your Makeup Faster:

Tip 1) Use dual products!

Anything that has more than one purpose- like a primer that is also a moisturizer and has SPF in it. That saves you not only time in application but also takes less time to wait for one product to dry rather than 2 or 3. Olay has a moisturizing primer with SPF that you can check out here!

Tip 2) Try using a full coverage foundation.

If you use a full coverage foundation you can skip on using concealer and correcting creams! My favorite full coverage foundation is the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop full coverage foundation.

Tip 3) Stick to the basics.

No need for false lashes when you are trying to get out the door quickly.

Stick to the basic makeup items that you like the most. For me mascara and brows are the most important but lip products aren’t as important so I don’t put lipstick or gloss on most mornings so I can do my makeup faster.

Tip 4) Sub in pencils when possible.

Eyeliner pencils are quicker than liquid eye liner. Eyebrow pencils are quicker than pomade. Contouring pencils are quicker than powders or liquids.

It may not look quite as nice but for day to day makeup it works and is a huge time saver!

Tip 5) Try a tinted lip balm.

If you do want that color on your lips then grab something easy that will also moisturize. Like a tinted lip balm! They sound corny but honestly if you get a good one like Melixir Lip Butter then it can quickly add color to your lips and add moisture.

Tip 6) Maintain your brows.

If you keep up with your eyebrows then you have to do less work to them on the average morning.

A lot of what is going to help you be able to sleep in later is to take care of maintenance items when you have time!

Tip 7) Invest in better products!

If you invest in products that are of higher quality then they are generally a little easier to apply and more importantly involve less layers. If you only have to apply one layer of mascara then you save time.

Tip 8) Make your makeup space organized and productive.

My best tip for this is to keep just your quick daily items visible and the rest in a makeup organizer/drawers. By doing this you take out the decision time and you save time digging around for the products you want to use.

Tip 9) Improve your skin care routines.

When you take better care of your skin there’s a high chance you will want less makeup to cover up your skin! So by taking care of your skin and improving your skin care routine you can actually help yourself improve

How to do your makeup faster!

Best of luck learning to do your makeup faster so you can sleep in longer. It’s a win-win!

These are the best tips for doing your makeup faster from my experience but make sure to share your knowledge as well for doing makeup quicker in the comments!

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