22 Fall Decor Ideas For Dorm Rooms

Decorating your dorm room for different seasons is one of the first times you get control over your decorations and it is so fun and exciting. And fall is the first one of the school year so let’s chat about this fun list of 22 fall decor ideas for dorm rooms.

Note: these are mainly just meant for limited spaces, so if you are in your room at home due to Covid-19 or in an apartment they will work great there too!

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22 Fall Decor Ideas For Dorm Rooms:

These are broke down into a couple of categories to make it easier to sort through!

1) Throw Pillows– throw pillows are a great way to easily add some autumn touches to your dorm room!

2) Fall Wreaths– a great little decor to add to your dorm or apartment door!

Make sure to use command hooks so that you don’t damage the door or paint.

3) Autumn Garland– these are great to string along your dorm walls because they add a fall touch without taking up extra space.

4) Pumpkins– adding a couple fake pumpkins to your desk can add such a fun little pop of fall without the mess of adding actual pumpkins.

5) Drink ware– having some fall themed cups and mugs is an awesome way to add fall to your dorm while only having useful things in your dorm room since it’s such a small space!

6) Wall decor– Fall themed wall decor is my personal favorite! You can get some super cute signs and wall art for great prices to make your dorm truly feel like fall!

Have fun getting your dorm room totally fall decorated and SAFELY enjoy all the fun fall activities!

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