15 Simple Must Have Nail Polishes

Tired of changing out your nail polish color to match different outfits and occasions? Especially during a busy week? Then you need to find some simple colors that you love and that will work for everything you have on your schedule this week. Which is why I have created this super helpful list of 15 simple must have nail polishes.

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Now let’s get onto these beautiful simple nail polishes:


OPI – Bubble Bath

OPI’s bubble bath is the perfect light baby pink nail polish. It works for any time of the year but is especially perfect in the spring and summer!

Essie – Ballet Slipper

Another great option for a soft light pink nail polish that works for everything in your life. This one also has great staying power and will last 7+ days.

OPI- All Your Dreams In Vending Machines

This pink nail polish has a slightly mauve tone to it that makes it still really universal and simple but works a little better for the fall and winter! So perfect for a busy week.

Essie – Pink Diamond

This is a slightly brighter but still simple and beautiful nail polish that will work with any outfit especially in the summer months!

Sally Hansen- Boss Gloss

This is a super affordable option (usually less than $3.50) and not only is it a pretty pink tone that is simple and works all the time but it also will help strengthen your nails underneath the polish. Talk about a win-win!


Sally Hansen – Blushed Petal

Blushed Petal is a gorgeous neutral that will work with seriously every outfit. I especially love it for busy work weeks because it is the perfect color for any professional attire. It also has Argan oil in the formula that will nourish your nails.

OPI – Machu Peach U

This perfect mauve is a great neutral for any time of the year though I use it the most in the winter! Works with everything too and lasts a very long time on your nails.

Essie – Topless & Barefoot

The name screams summer but this color works any time as it is the perfect light neutral and is great quality.

OPI – Substantially Tan

This is the ultimate perfect tan nail polish. It also goes on really opaque so you don’t have to do a bunch of layers and waste time!

OPI – Samoan Sand

This perfect neutral nail polish has a peach tone to it that works with every outfit and day or night but is extra perfect for the summer! It’s also very long lasting.


Sally Hansen- Crystal Blue

This light and airy blue is a perfect and simple blue that is light enough to work with any outfit or style.

Essie – As If

Another light blue option that is super pretty but is calm and simple enough to work with every single look for your busy week.

Essie – Mooning

This blue shade has more grays in it so that not only is it a great simple color but it also works for more professional settings too so it is very universal.

OPI – Alpaca My Bags

This gorgeous OPI shade is simple and is a little darker than the other options so it is perfect for the fall and winter.

Essie – Slate Blue

Another great option for a simple blue with gray tones to it that makes it wearable for whatever your busy week throws at you. It is also seriously quick drying so you won’t have to wait long to get going with your busy day.

Have fun painting your nails with these beautiful and simple nail polishes!

Korra The Explorer