Summer Hair Accessories For 2020

Summer is finally here!

Which means that summer fashion, makeup, and hairstyles are back. One of my favorite parts of summer style is the hair accessories.

There is such a range in acceptable hair accessories and they are a pretty affordable way to change up your style a bit each year.

Below are my favorite hair accessories for 2020. Per my usual content they are all affordable but super cute and will spice up your style for this summer!

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Summer Hair Accessory 1: Scrunchies

Honestly I was so excited when scrunchies started to come back into style. They are better for your hair (less breakage compared to regular ponytail holders) and are a easy way to add some fun twists to your hair while keeping it out of your face.

Some of my favorite scrunchies this summer are:

These scrunchies with the little bows are so cute and they have a variety of colors that will work for every outfit this summer.

Pink scrunchies are a great go to option for summer and these are extra perfect because velvet scrunchies are really in style for summer 2020.

Tie dye is one of, if not the biggest, pattern trends for 2020. So go ahead and incorporate this trend into your 2020 hair accessories with these adorable tie dye scrunchies.

Summer Hair Accessory 2: Head bands

Head bands have been a huge trend for about a year now and they aren’t going away any time soon. They are a great way to hide day 3 hair and really can pull together any outfits!

Some of my favorite headbands for the summer time are:

You have probably seen these knotted headbands all over Instagram because they are everyone’s favorite! They are surprisingly comfortable (they don’t dig into the side of your head) and are so cute. This set is only $14 for all 9- such a great deal.

These velvet headbands give me all the Blair from Gossip Girl vibes and I love it! Velvet can seriously be apart of every hair accessory trend this summer.

If you don’t like as structured of headbands that’s totally fine too! This set is insanely comfortable and comes with so many different patterns that are all great for summer. I got this set a few months ago and have been rocking them all- follow my Instagram @korrashay to see me styling them.

Summer Hair Accessory 3: Bandanas

Bandanas tend to cycle through every couple summers and they are back! They are so fun and they now come in such a variety of patterns and colors that everyone can find a cute bandana or two that work with their style.

A couple of my favorites are:

Love these so much! They are again incorporating the massive tie dye trend in a super wearable way.

This classic paisley bandana is perfect for summer with the bright pink pattern. So many ways you could style this bandana in summer 2020!

These pastel bandanas are seriously perfect for summer! That light blue one is exactly what I was searching for at the beginning of summer and was so excited to find.

Summer Hair Accessory 4: Pearls

Okay this one is more of a sub-trend but I had to include it because pearls incorporated into accessories has been huge since the winter and are still going strong in the summer!

Here is a couple adorable options for pearls incorporated into hair accessories:

These pearl headbands have become iconic. They are all over the internet because they are so cute and perfect. They are absolutely ideal for romantic summer nights.

Pearl barrettes are so in style and you can now find them in every shape and size so you can find some that work for any time of day or outfit!

These pearl hair ties are so perfect to bring a pop of trendy to any casual hair style. Unlike scrunchies these are thin enough you can tie the bottom of a braid to add a fun pop!

Summer Hair Accessory 5: Big barrettes

The final trend we are going to focus on for summer 2020 hair accessories is big barrettes! They are not only great for keeping your hair out of your face but they also are so cute and trendy and add a summer flair to any hair style.

A couple of my favorites for this summer:

Resin barrettes have been all over this summer! They are so fun and a little more simple than some of the other big barrettes you will see this summer.

There are so many styles of barrettes you can try! There are a lot of options for big packs like this out there so you can try out some different styles throughout the summer.

Want to try big barrettes without going over the top? These are perfect for you! Simple but still statement pieces for your hair!

Remember to have FUN playing around with summer hair accessories!

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