7 Halloween Nail Polish Shades You Will Love For Spooky Season

I am a huge fan of matching my nail polish color to the season/holiday but I don’t usually go for any nail art!

And for anyone else out there who want’s some spooky season nails without committing to skulls or cobweb designs on your nails then this list is for you!

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7 Halloween Nail Polish Shades You Will Love For Spooky Season:

Nail polish shade 1: OPI Black Onyx

Let’s start out with the most basic and obvious spooky season nail polish shade- a true black!

This one is a great classic black nail polish that goes on opaque and stays on well.

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Nail polish shade 2: Morgan Taylor Under The Stars

This is a spin on the classic black by adding some sparkle!

You can also do this by using a classic black shade like the OPI one above and adding a coat of glitter but this polish is a little easier and quicker than that.

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Nail polish shade 3: China Glaze Orange Knockout

It is so fun around Halloween time to go all out with a bright orange. Commit to those pumpkins vibes!

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Nail polish shade 4: Orly Push The Limit

Okay if you don’t want to commit to full on neon orange on your nails then you can try a twist on orange like this shade during the Halloween time! Still feels very spooky season-esque without fulling committing to neon nails.

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Nail polish shade 5: Kokie Euphoria

This nail polish reminds me of a witches pot- like Hocus Pocus vibes?!

Regardless, the cool effect is perfect for the month of special effects and costumes.

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Nail polish shade 6: Morgan Taylor Could Have Foiled Me

Metallic silver nails are so perfect for Halloween time without fulling committing to crazy Halloween nails. A total win for those of us who can’t (or don’t want to) pull off crazy nails often!

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Nail polish shade 7: OPI Russian Navy

The final shade I want to share with you all for is a bit different than the others but still has the right elements to make it perfect for your nails around the Halloween time.

This nail polish is a gorgeous deep blue that is perfect if you want a dark element to your nails this month without going all the way to black or gray!

Get it here!

Happy spooky season my friends! Keep an eye out for the rest of our Halloween and fall content!

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