11 Unique Candy Ideas To Hand Out For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner- crazy right?! And one of my favorite parts of Halloween is handing out fun candy to trick or treaters. But I don’t always want to hand out the same mini candy bars everyone buys from Costco! I want to really change it up this year so of course I hit of the Internet and found 11 unique candy Ideas to hand out for Halloween this year!

Note: of course please be extra safe this year if you are trick or treating or if you are handing out candy. Wear a mask and social distance!

I just think back to how much fun it was as a child to go through the candy at the end of the night and seeing something unique and getting so excited! Unique Halloween candy is fun for you to get but also fun for you to hand out. And of course for you to sample the fun candy as well!

11 unique candy ideas to hand out for halloween! Candy for halloween ideas!

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Unique Candy Ideas To Hand Out For Halloween:

  1. Bazooka Throw Back Bulk Candy- get it here!
Bazooka Throwback Bulk Bag

2. Fruit Medley Laffy Taffy Candy- get it here!

Fruit Medley Taffy Bulk Bag

3. Push Pop Candy- get it here!

4. Nerds Mini boxes in fun flavors- get it here!

Nerds Mini Boxes Bulk Bag

5. Smarties Necklaces- get it here!

6. Slo Pokes Bulk Candy- get it here!

Slo-Pokes Bulk Bag

7. Rainbow Unicorn Ring Pops- get it here!

8. Stuffed Puffs (chocolate filled marshmallows) – get it here!

9. Individually wrapped mini cotton candy- get it here!

10. Jumbo push pops- get it here!

11. Old fashioned hard candy wrapped- get it here!

Have a fun and safe Halloween this year with this unique and fun Halloween candy! If you have questions on where else to find unique Halloween candy! Have a great time with these fun Halloween candy ideas.

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