48 Holiday Date Ideas For Couples

Date nights are important all the time for a healthy relationship. But during the stressful time around the holidays they are even more important. Which is why I have created the list of my favorite 48 Holiday date ideas for couples!

Making time for date nights around Christmas and the rest of the Holidays are so important for maintaining a happy relationship.

There are so many fun date ideas during the Holidays but these are the 48 that I want to try out in the next few months during and before the Holidays.

48 Holiday date ideas for couples!

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48 Holiday Date Ideas For Couples:

  1. Make boozy hot chocolate and have a movie night.
  2. Find a nearby park and go sledding!
  3. Drive around and look at Holiday lights.
  4. Volunteer together at a local nursing home.
  5. Make Christmas cookies together!
  6. Hang Christmas lights outside and play Christmas music.
  7. Go to a Christmas concert- local or a traveling group is both fun.
  8. Check out a local Zoolights- the one in Columbus, OH is great!
  9. Make a fun gingerbread house.
  10. Decorate the tree together.
  11. Take fun couple holiday pictures- use Pinterest for fun inspo!
  12. Make a night of wrapping presents together.
  13. Go tree shopping!
  14. Put together a Toys For Tots box.
  15. DIY your stockings for the mantle.
  16. Bake your favorite holiday dessert from each of your childhoods.
  17. Do a staycation and rent a cabin near by.
  18. Make your own ugly sweaters!
  19. Go to a local holiday festival and eat all the yummy food!
  20. Go ice skating.
  21. Check out a local Christmas play- schools often put these on and it’s so cute.
  22. Go thrift shopping for ugly Christmas sweaters.
  23. Try a local brewery and try their Christmas ales.
  24. Rent a snowmobile and go for a ride.
  25. Host a holiday party for your friends!
  26. Stay warm and have an indoor picnic.
  27. Make a fun Holiday craft.
  28. Build a snowman together- or one for each!
  29. Go to a hockey game.
  30. Check out a local botanical garden- most of them have lights and decor up for the Holidays.
  31. Make your own signature holiday cocktails.
  32. Try a new winter sport like cross country skiing.
  33. Have a night in and play holiday board games!
  34. Take a carriage ride if your town has one.
  35. Visit a local winery and try their Holiday reds.
  36. Go for a winter hike.
  37. Have a cliche cozy night in complete with wine and fuzzy socks.
  38. Take a baking class together.
  39. Visit a local coffee shop and try their holiday coffees.
  40. Have a snowball fight!
  41. Volunteer at a soup kitchen together.
  42. Make homemade ornaments for your tree!
  43. Do a hot chocolate tour and try a bunch of local coffee shops and bakeries.
  44. Make smores on the fireplace (or on the stove!).
  45. Go see the Nutcracker ballet.
  46. Do a Christmas movie drinking game!
  47. Check out a Christmas craft show.
  48. Go for a midnight walk in the snow!

Have fun spending quality time with your significant other and enjoy these holiday date ideas!

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