15 At Home Date Night Ideas

Staying at home does not have to mean the end of date nights!

It just means that you need to get a little more creative to have fun and romantic date nights with your significant other.

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Idea 1) Candle light dinner & take out

This is the classic stay at home date night. The most important part of this night that makes it a date and not just a normal Tuesday night is the candle light and extra details that you put into the night.

Use a nice table cloth and actual plates and glasses, no plastic!. Pour a glass of wine you really like. Just put in the extra attention and details to make sure you have a special and romantic night at home.


Idea 2) Camping (inside edition)

Camping but stay indoors!

Either set up a tent or just bring extra comfy blankets down to the couch.

Make smores on the stove top and light a fire in the fireplace (or put on a fireplace YouTube video). Wear “camping” comfy clothes and maybe watch a nature documentary!


Idea 3) Do a “paint n sip” at home

Step one of this is to order some canvases and painting supplies if you don’t already have them then find an easy picture you want to duplicate. Try searching the theme you want on Pinterest!

The next step is to open a fun bottle of wine and have your own paint n sip night at home.

Tip: make sure to put towels down so you don’t make a mess!


Idea 4) Board game night

Board game date nights are one of my favorites. When possible I love to make this a double date and invite another couple over but it is also fun for just the two of you.

A few of my favorite 2 person games include:



Battleship (also fun to turn into a drinking game if that’s the night you’re aiming for!)


Idea 5) Home dance lessons

No need to go out dancing when you can make a cute (and less embarrassing) night of it at home.

There are hundreds of YouTube videos with dance instructions for couples.

So move some furniture if needed and have a fun date night of learning some fun dances in the comfort of your own home that you can show off next time you are out with your friends.


Idea 6) Make a dream board

Making dream boards is such a cute and thoughtful date night.

It gives you and your significant other the opportunity to talk about your hopes and dreams while also being crafty and having fun.

Get a poster board and cut out images and words from old magazines or print them out from the internet to embody what your dreams are.


Idea 7) Drinks around the world

This is a super fun date night for a Friday night after a long work week.

Pick 5-10 different countries and create a signature drink (if you’re worried about drinking too much then split the drink between the two of you). Work together to create the fun themed drinks and have a fun night drinking “around the world” in your own home.


Idea 8) Have a baking challenge

One, two, three, BAKE OFF!

This is an adorable and tasty date night.

Two different versions of this are a) each bake your favorite and best dessert or b) take one type of dessert (cupcakes, brownies, pie, etc) and each make it your own way.

If you have any kids you can let them judge the results or put pictures on Facebook and let your friends decide.


Idea 9) Indoor picnic

This is such a fun stay at home date night idea, you get the yummy food without the bugs.

Grab a traditional cute picnic blanket and make some of your favorite picnic foods.

Put on a rom-com movie and eat your picnic on the living room floor. Don’t forget to bring dessert and wine.


Idea 10) Make a bucket list

Turn your date night into a fun night to think about what you want to do in the future.

That could be a seasonal bucket list, a travel bucket list, a huge dreams bucket list. Any of those are incredibly fun to do with your significant other so you can spend time together and make plans for fun things in the future.

Make sure to utilize tools like Pinterest if you need either bucket list theme ideas or ideas for things to go onto your bucket list.


Idea 11) Pillow fort & pizza night

Embrace your inner child.

Turn your living room into a dream fort with lots of blankets, sheets, and pillows.

Then save yourself the cooking and order pizza for delivery. Play some childhood video games while you’re in the fort too like Mario Cart.


Idea 12) Have a science experiment night

This has become one of my absolutely favorite date nights. It’s so entertaining and each time you do it you can do different experiments to change it up.

You can search Google or Pinterest for fun at home science experiments or you can get a kit like these:

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab

YUM! Candy Making Science Kit

Education Solar Robot Toys -190 Pieces DIY


Idea 13) Photoshoot at home

Make some lasting memories with the pictures to always remember them.

Get creative and change up backgrounds (don’t be afraid to hang up sheets or blankets for backgrounds) and put on different outfits.

Take some serious ones and some funny ones. Just have a fun time!


Idea 14) Chocolate tasting night

We stumbled into this fun night by accident while in college. My man had a chocolate class (senior year fun!) and for his final project we got 5 unique chocolates and tasted them all.

It was such a fun night that we have turned this into an at least annual date night idea.


Idea 15) Recipe roulette dinner

Either open a cookbook or your recipes Pinterest board and then use a random number generator to pick a page number or pin number to determine what meal you’re making.

Make sure to plan for the time necessary to get any groceries you might need!

This is such a fun date night and encourages you to try new recipes.


Have a great date night!!


Korra The Explorer