Matte Spring Manicure At Home

Spring is here!

Unfortunately nail salons are not open for fun spring manicures (but stay home, it’s so important!).

Which means it is time to get creative and paint your own nails at home.

Full disclaimer – I only paint my nails at home maybe 4 times a year so I am definitely not a pro at this! But I have loved looking at others home manicures and wanted to share my nail adventures!



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Supplies needed:

Pink nail polish – the one I used is OPI’s Coney Island Cotton Candy

Orly Flash Dry drops

Matte clear coat – can’t find a link for the one I used but here is a great one by Revlon that I have used before!

Nail file and nail clippers

Nail polish remover if you have polish on currently



Step 1: remove any nail polish already on your nails

Step 2: file your nails into the shape you want

Step 3: buff your nails. The smoother they are the smoother the polish will look.


Step 4: apply the first coat of pink polish.

Step 5: put a drop of the flash dry on each nail.

Step 6: repeat steps 4 and 5 until the nails are the color you want


Step 7: after the nails are fully dry apply the matte top coat.

Note- most matte top coats take about a minute to make the nails matte so don’t worry if they still look shiny for a bit!


Happy spring and best of luck with your at home manicures!


Korra The Explorer