How to Stay Healthy During Quarantine

Staying healthy when you are stuck at home, unable to go to the gym, and your quarantine snacks are staring at you…. well it is difficult!

But it is completely possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you are in quarantine.

Keeping yourself active and eating well is completely attainable if you stay motivated and prioritize your health. Remember your health is ALWAYS important even during difficult times and should always be a concern and priority!

How to stay healthy during quarantine

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Tip 1) Take walks

As long as your state/country allows you to continue to go for walks or hikes then take advantage of this.

To keep yourself motivated and not dull make sure to change up where you are taking your walks. Go on different paths throughout your neighborhood or go explore some different local hiking trails.

Just make sure to maintain your distance from others while walking and bring hand sanitizer with you on these walks and hikes.

Tip 2) Track your steps

Tracking your steps is a fantastic way to measure that you are staying active and physical during this time.

If you don’t already own a watch that will track your steps then get a simple FitBit Charge or splurge a little on the Ionic which I have and love! Just make sure that your fitness tracker always tracks your heartbeat as this is a very helpful tool for working out at home.

Tip 3) Take advantage of home workouts

Thank goodness for the internet! Thousands of videos and exercise plans have been created on YouTube, Blogs, and Instagram to provide you awesome guidance for working out at home.

If you don’t already have the basic supplies for working out at home don’t worry. Just get the simple items like a yoga mat (helpful for all exercise not just yoga), and a few dumbbells. You do not need a whole bunch of equipment.

You can also focus on just body weight exercises just make sure to include “body weight” or “no equipment” in your searches for the right routines for you to follow.

Tip 4) Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is important all the time! However, it can be harder to remember to drink water when you are home all day. Get yourself a consumption tracking water bottle to make sure you are drinking enough water.

On a similar note- part of being healthy is also being aware and limiting your coffee and alcohol consumption!

Tip 5) Put your snacks out of site

Out of site out of mind.

Keep your snacks in your pantry with the door closed or in cabinets that you don’t open often. It is so easy to confuse the boredom you could be experiencing with hunger.

So if you keep your snacks out of your site it will be easier to avoid the temptation of snacking all day long.

Also, if you are able to keep healthier snacks in your home you will benefit significantly from this.

Tip 6) Stick to a meal plan

Create a weekly meal plan and stick to it.

It will help you from eating  pizza rolls and ice cream for dinner if you have a meal plan and the correct food already bought and prepped to stick to your meal plan.

Since you are eating all of your meals at home it is important to plan for all of your meals and be detailed due to the grocery shopping situation. Avoiding unnecessary trips to the grocery store is ideal so by meal planning you will be able to minimize the trips that you need to take to the grocery store!


*I am not a certified nutritionist or trainer and am not offering any medical advice. For formal advice please seek a certified professional!*


Stay safe and stay healthy during these unprecedented times!

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