20 Hobby Ideas You Can Do At Home

Being stuck at home is significantly more fun when you are able to spend your extra downtime on a hobby.

So if you are looking for a new hobby or find something to do while you are home then below is a list of 20 hobbies you can start doing at home!

20 hobby ideas you can do at home

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1) Cooking & baking

Even if you already cook or bake regularly it can be super fun to try out different styles of cooking that you don’t normally do.

Plus learning to be a better cook is a wonderful skill that will carry throughout your whole life.

2) Try a new type of home exercise

A great hobby to pick up is finding a type of home exercise that you really love. So try out some different types. Use YouTube to try out different types of exercise videos and then if you find one you like then you can invest in actual classes or more/better equipment.

For more on staying healthy when you are staying home check out: How to Stay Healthy During Quarantine.

How to stay healthy during quarantine

3) Learn yoga

Yoga is a great hobby for both your mind and body.

There are thousands of yoga videos on YouTube and guides on Pinterest so it’s a crazy affordable hobby that can have fantastic physical and mental health benefits.

Grab a cute yoga mat if you don’t already have one and start with 15 minutes a day.

4) Become a plant parent

Gardening is a great hobby when you are staying at home or really any time! It is also completely do-able if you don’t have a yard or it’s the winter by getting indoor plants and succulents.

I do recommend starting with succulents if you don’t have much experience with plants. This will help teach you the basics of plant care. Then you can start to venture into more house and outdoor plants as you get used to it.

*If you have pets make sure to only get animal safe plants!

20 hobby ideas you can do at home - gardening

5) Step up your makeup game

Makeup is a great creativity hobby that will also help you look fantastic when you aren’t home!

There are so many resources for learning any level of makeup application on the internet for free. This is also a great hobby for using makeup palettes that you have bought but never really used.

6) Take up embroidering

Embroidering is actually a very fun hobby to learn. I promise it isn’t just for grandmas.

Do a little searching on Pinterest and you will see all the super cool embroidering projects that you can do including shorts and bags!

Get an affordable embroidery kit to start and start getting creative.

7) Improve your photography skills

Photography has been a life long hobby of mine but I have taken this quarantine as a great opportunity to work on this skill.

Even if you can’t go on walks you can still get creative inside of your home, even with your phone if you don’t have a “Real” camera! Some of my favorite recent photos have been shot on my iPhone.

Don’t be afraid to create fun backgrounds and move things around if needed to get that perfect shot!

20 hobby ideas you can do at home - photography

8) Become a podcast pro

Podcasts can be a great hobby for not only entertaining yourself but also helping educate and improve yourself.

They are free and terrific for bettering yourself and for entertainment rather than putting on Netflix.

9) Learn to dance

Turn on YouTube and find some free dance instructions for whatever style of dance you are interested in.

Seriously, there is EVERY type of dance instructional videos on YouTube and this can be a habit you can show off later.

It can also be a great form of exercise that you can do inside your home.

10) Create your own beauty supplies

This is such a fun and instantly rewarding hobby you can do completely at home!

You can make your own face masks, lip gloss, lip scrubs, candles, bath bombs, etc.

There are thousands of recipes and guides for basically any beauty product you want to make at home. Or you can start by using a kit!

Shea butter lip balm kit

Bath bomb diy kit

Make your own lip gloss kit

20 hobby ideas for at home

11) Learn a new language

Learning new languages is a wonderful and productive hobby that can really help keep you connected to the rest of the world even if you can’t travel!

There are lots of free apps that you can use to learn a new language, including ones that help you learn a little each day and help keep you on track.

12) Upcycle your old clothes

Tired of your old clothes but don’t want to buy new ones?

Try upcycling some of your old clothes that you don’t wear anymore! Turn old graphic t-shirts into cute crop tops or turn slightly stained jeans into distressed jeans to hide stains! There are so many cool ways you can upcycle old clothes PLUS it is great for the environment.

13) Brew your own beer

This is my boyfriends favorite hobby! He started a few years ago and has gotten awesome at brewing but he swears it is easy to brew good beer at home with simple kits.

(but who else thinks he should start a beer brewing blog?!)

There are lots of options for kits depending on what type of beer you want to make. Here is one for brewing an IPA and here is one for an American Cream Ale.

14) Try your hand at calligraphy

Calligraphy is a hobby I have personally picked up recently and I have been having such a blast with it.

It’s a super affordable hobby that is creative and is one that actually come in handy more than you realize! Start with an affordable calligraphy pen to begin with to make sure you enjoy it.

person writing on brown paper

15) Start a blog

I am definitely partial to this particular hobby! I started my main site (korrashay.com) about a year ago and this one about 3 months ago and it has by far been my favorite hobby.

For many blogging is writing about your hobby but it can also just be your hobby! It’s creative and productive and is a fantastic way to keep up with your life interests.

16) Make your own jewelry

Making your own jewelry is not only fun to create but also fun to wear out! There is a huge variety in the type of jewelry you can make from home but no matter your style you can find something that works for you.

A good place to start with this hobby is to order a kit with basics like jewelry scissors and pliers, clasps, wires, etc.

17) Become a trivia pro

Learning trivia is a great hobby to help keep your brain sharp and will ensure that everyone wants you on their team at trivia night.

There are hundreds of apps where you can either play trivia games or get daily trivia facts sent to your phone!

three wooden dinosaur

18) Start a bullet journal

Bullet journaling is a creative, therapeutic, and productive hobby. It truly is what you make of it! Plus it’s super easy to start up a bullet journal (and affordable!).

All you need is to get a bullet journal and some thin markers.

19) Learn (or improve) an instrument

If you already know, or somewhat know, an instrument it can be a fun hobby to either re-pick it up or to try new types of music.

If you don’t already know an instrument then learning one can still be a great hobby you can do at home. There are so many videos and instructions online for every hobby so you don’t have to spend too much on this new hobby, just the instrument!

20) Start a virtual book club

Even if you can’t meet up with your friends you can still start a book club online!

Everyone can order the same book online or for their Kindle and then either do a group text to discuss or a group FaceTime!



Any hobbys you love to do at home? Leave them in the comments!


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