The 2 “Not Your Mothers” Products You Need

First things first, I love a lot more than 2 Not Your Mothers products!

However, if I had to truly pick 2 favorites these are it and I wanted to really focus this on the products I think you should absolutely try out.

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The two products I am talking about are the Plump For Joy: body building dry shampoo (get it here) and She’s A Tease: volumizing hairspray (get it here).

Scroll down for the detailed reviews! But a couple things that apply to both of these great products are:

  • They are affordable! Like less than $10 each. And we all know how expensive frequently buying hair spray and dry shampoo can get so finding some that are great but are still affordable is a huge win.
  • They are easy to find. Not Your Mothers products are easy to find online and at most beauty stores like Ulta and department stores like Target and Walmart.
  • The scents are never offensive for any Not Your Mothers products at least for me. I have found that a lot of times the more affordable products can get a little crazy with hair product scents.


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She’s A Tease: volumizing hairspray (get it here)

  • This is my favorite hairspray for one main reason- it’s not sticky. I hate the feeling that most hairsprays have where your hair feels sticky. I hate it to the point where I don’t frequently use hairspray and this product doesn’t have that!
  • It is definitely light hold but it works for your average day to day hairspray needs.
  • It keeps your hair soft and not rock hard like other hair sprays.
  • Adds slight volume though I think the name exaggerates the voluminous effect so if you are looking for more intense volume then I would say to try a different option.

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Plump For Joy: body building dry shampoo (get it here)

  • So I have used this dry shampoo through multiple different colors and I am thrilled to report that it doesn’t matter if my hair is black,  brown, or blonde it works and doesn’t leave a weird white color behind.
  • It blends in and absorbs super quick but it does the job perfectly and gets rid of unwanted oil.
  • It really does add volume! Though I would say it isn’t long lasting volume but if you do a hair flip and apply the dry shampoo to all of your hair the volume lasts longer and better.



If you want more of these style of posts, the items you need from a brand, then let me know in the comments.


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