Boho Fashion For Fall: My 8 Favorites!

Boho fashion is talked about all the time in the summer… but what about my girls who want to keep up the Boho style in the fall? There are lots of options for you too! So I went ahead and picked out my 8 favorite boho fashion for fall items!

There are so many ways to incorporate your boho style into fall fashion. Adding little boho details and colors can make your outfit perfect for the fall! It is a little harder in the fall to make your outfits have a boho vibe compared to warmer times but it is still totally doable to have boho fall fashion!

Boho fashion for fall: my 8 favorites!

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Boho Fashion For Fall: My 8 Favorites!

1: Free People- Ocean Drive Sweater in Sea Mist

I love the distressed detail on the bottom for this fall which is super on trend but the color and shape keep that Boho vibe alive!

Get it here!

2: Amazon Fashion- Chunky Turtleneck Sweater in Yellow

I love going with a more classic fall sweater but in a fun, bright boho color like this yellow. I am obsessed with this sweater plus it’s super affordable!

Get it here!

3: Levi- Denim jacket with sherpa in Malbec Warm

I love the sherpa detail on this denim jacket from Levi! The color adds a great boho twist on a jacket that will actually keep you warm.

Get it here!

Levis boho inspired denim sherpa jacket

4: Amazon Fashion- High rise dark wash bell bottoms

Bell bottom pants are one of the easiest and best ways to incorporate boho style into your fall fashion. And these ones have super cute and trendy rips on them!

Get it here!

boho bell bottoms for fall fashion

5: Ferbia- Boho cardigan in Navy

This is a pretty typical boho item but it is perfect for fall! The length is amazing and there are lots of other color options for any outfit!

Get it here!

Boho fall cardigan

6: Lucky Brand- Freedah Ankle Boot in Gray

I love the subtle fringe detail on these boots. It gives them a boho touch without being overwhelmingly fringe!

Get it here!

7: Zaful- V Neck ripped pullover in Orange Pink

I am so in love with this ripped boho fall sweater! The color is so perfect for these colder days but it is light weight and cropped so it works to transition from summer to fall.

Get it here!

8: Amazon fashion- wide brim flat hat in Camel

This is my favorite boho accessory for fall 2020! I love this color specifically for both the fall time and for a boho style!

Get it here!

Thanks for reading about all my favorite boho fall fashion items! Let me know which is your favorite in the comments!

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