How To Create The Coziest Dorm Room

This is for my gals who are still living in a dorm room or have a small apartment!

Making a dorm room or small apartment cozy can be difficult because you don’t necessarily have a lot of room to add cozy touches without it getting cluttered.

But it is totally possible if you pay attention to the items and try to get ones that work for the specific space that you have. So below are 12 items that can help you create a cozy dorm room or small apartment.

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12 Items For A Cozy Dorm Room or Apartment

1: Chunky Knit Blanket Chenille Throw

Blankets are always a great go to for making any room cozier and this chunky knit one is perfect!

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2: Fleece Throw Blanket with Pom Pom Fringe | Buffalo Plaid Checkered

Another great cozy blanket option is any blanket with buffalo plaid but I love this one the most because of the super cute pom pom fringe detail.

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3: Faux Fur Throw Blanket Large Warm Cozy Super Soft Throw

The last blanket we’re gonna look at is this faux fur throw that is so soft and perfect for making your bed or couch super cozy.

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4: Remote controlled fairy lights

Fair lights are a great way to add warm lights to your room that probably has harsh lighting! Fairy lights make any room feel super cozy.

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5: Wax melt warmer

This wax melt warmer is extra cozy because when you turn the lights off it illuminates this pretty pattern onto the walls!

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6: Chunky Loop Rug

Rugs are of course cozy because they keep your feet off the cold ground in the winter but these chunky loop rugs are extra cute and cozy.

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7: Cozy Candles

This candle even says it in the name- “warm & cozy”! Candles are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add a cozy touch to your dorm or apartment.

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8: Woven/rope laundry hamper

You need a laundry hamper in your space so why not get a cute one that has cozy vibes like this super cute woven rope one!

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9: Small desk or night stand lamp

You probably already need a desk and/or night stand lamp so why not get one that is cute and cozy like this one. Remember- in a small space it’s important to get items that are cute and functional!

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10: Cable knitted floor pouf

Extra seating is always nice to add to your space but it can take up too much room! Which is why floor poufs are a great option. They are small and also work as decor! This one is a cable knit one in a cream color so it’s also super cozy.

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11: Pom Pom Throw Pillow

As you can probably tell from my blanket choices I am so in love with Pom Pom details during the fall and winter. They just seem so cozy and comfy for the cold months.

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12: Eddie Bauer Sherpa Plaid Throw Pillow

This final item just screams fall and cozy! I love the color and it is so soft guys absolutely perfect for adding a cozy touch to your small space.

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Best of luck making your dorm room cozy this year! Or your apartment!

Korra The Explorer

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