11 Fall Candles I Am Obsessed With

Fall scents are some of the absolute best. So I am so excited to share some of my favorite candles that I am in love with during the fall! Keep reading for the 11 fall candles I am obsessed with and why I love them so much.

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11 fall candles I am obsessed with!

Okay now let’s get onto…

11 Fall Candles I Am Obsessed With:

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1) Just Make Scents- Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie candles are my favorite type of fall candles! I love the sweetness of pumpkin pie candles but I prefer them over pumpkin spice candles because personally I do not love cinnamon scents (Even though I love cinnamon!).

2) Village Candle- crisp apple

I am in love with basically every apple candle out there and there will be plenty of additional apple candles on here! This one is a more fruity apple candle compared to some later that are more spiced.

3) Lulu Candle- Spiced Vanilla

LuLu candles are great and I definitely recommend checking them out! They are slow burning, great scents, and they have certain candles that have proceeds that go to animal charities- look for the paw print!

This is a great candle if you like simple scents but want a bit of fall in your candles.

4) Lulu Candle- His collection: leather and Tibetan

Another Lulu candle! This one is from their “His collection” but I have always liked “mens” candles during the fall time because then tend to be woodsy and deep scents.

5) Two Goats Candle Co- Fallen Leaves

This candle is everything I love about fall! It smells literally like fall leaves, woods, and spices. Plus the packaging is so stinking cute!

6) Our Own Candle Company- Blueberry Pie

I see pumpkin and apple pie candles all the time but I was so excited to find this blueberry pie candle! It is fruity but still warm and comforting for the fall time. Another great fall candle find!

7) A Cheerful Giver- Pecan Belguim Waffle

Another sweet candle with the perfect fall time twist! The pecan smell isn’t one I normally would think I love but with the sweet tones it works perfectly.

8) Aromascape- apple and oak

Another apple candle that I love (and it’s super affordable!) but this one has a fun twist of the oak notes. It makes it super fall scented but it’s a great combination!

9) WoodWick- Lavender Leaf

This is another leaf candle but with a light, calming twist: lavender!

This is great for a calm fall evening and my gosh the packaging is perfect.

10) The Candle Daddy- Pumpkin Spice Latte

I do love a great pumpkin spice latte and this candle really reminds me of it. Without it being to cinnamon-y in the scent which I don’t love!

11) MilkHouse Candle Company- McIntosh Apple

Another true apple candle that I absolutely love! And the packaging is amazing – I love the simplicity and when you are finished you can definitely re-use this jar for some cute fall decor.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find the best fall candles for you!

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