32 Boho Dorm Room Essentials

I look back at my freshman year of college dorm room and wish that I would have done a better and cuter decor theme. When I started to brainstorm what I wish I would have done the first thing that came to mind was a boho inspired dorm room. Which is why I want to share with you all some perfect boho style dorm room items!

Not going to lie- I had so much fun searching for these perfect boho items for your dorm I am thinking about changing up some of my home decor. So stay tuned for those posts!

I broke this boho inspired dorm room essentials into 4 helpful categories. Bedding, wall decorations, desk items, and miscellaneous decor.

Also I made sure to keep all the items in an affordable price range! Dorm room decor does NOT need to be expensive- chances are you will only use most of it for 2 semesters for the bedding especially. For any other decor try to pick pieces you could see yourself liking for your whole college/young adult life so you can get plenty of use out of them.

Keep reading for all these fun bohemian dorm room decor ideas – get inspired and get shopping!

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Boho Dorm Decor: Bedding

Remember- most college dorm mattresses are Twin XL but make sure to verify before you buy any new bedding for your dorm!

Boho Dorm Decor: Wall Decor

Boho Dorm Decor: Desk

Boho Dorm Decor: Miscellaneous

Boho dorm room items

Best of luck in getting your dorm room converted into the boho inspired dorm room of your dreams!

If you end up getting some of these items please tag me in Instagram @korrashay so I can see how cute it turned out!

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