23 Sweet Spring Date Day Ideas To Try

Spring time dates are absolutely some of the cutest and sweetest days! With beautiful weather and so many more activities available since we can now comfortably be outside it is definitely time to plan your next fun date day. But don’t worry if you aren’t sure what to do for the date day then keep reading. Because below I share these 23 sweet spring date day ideas to try.

So let’s jump into these spring dates that you both will have fun with!

23 Sweet Spring Date Day Ideas To Try

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23 Sweet Spring Date Day Ideas To Try

Spring Time Date Ideas You Both Will Love:

Date Idea 1: Picnic date day

This date idea is first because I fully believe it is the most “spring” date that you can do!

I got this picnic blanket a few years ago and absolutely love it. It can be used in all kinds of situations and you can even put it on sand and it keeps the sand away and use it on damp grass and you can sit on it and still be dry. Definitely recommend getting a resilient picnic blanket like that for this cute date idea!

Date Idea 2: Visit a farmers market

Farmers markets are so cute and of course have the added benefit of you being able to pick up some fresh produce and other goodies during the date.

If you don’t already know of one near you then just do a little googling because most towns have at least one farmers market and usually they are on Saturday or Sundays! And a lot of times there are additional vendors that you can get coffee or breakfast from as well.

Date Idea 3: Watch the sunrise together

Spring time sunrises are so pretty and getting up early to appreciate nature is a great way to kick off the warmer weather. 

You can make this into a whole date by going to grab coffee or breakfast after the sunrise is done too. And remember to grab some blankets if you are going to leave your car to watch the sunrise- it can still be a bit chilly!

Date Idea 4: Board game date day outside

Grab some blankets and wine and head outside to enjoy the beautiful spring weather while having fun playing games with your partner!

When possible I love to make this a double date and invite another couple over but it is also fun for just the two of you.

A few of my favorite 2 person games include:



Battleship (also fun to turn into a drinking game if that’s the night you’re aiming for!)

Date Idea 5: Zoo date day

Zoo dates are another personal favorite! We are lucky enough to live less than 30 minutes from a zoo so this is a frequent date that we love in the spring time and I definitely recommend doing a zoo date in the spring time if you live close enough to one.

Date Idea 6: Take a cooking class together or baking class for spring treats

This is not only a wonderful bonding experience for you two and a unique date night idea. But it is also a date night that can teach you useful skills that you can use in the kitchen moving forward.

Just head to Google and search for classes near you. Chances are there are ones that have special valentines themed cooking classes.

Date Idea 7: Take an afternoon hike

Any dates where you are able to get outside are great in the spring time.

And hiking is a win-win because it is a cute date and it can also double as your exercise for the day as well! Try finding a nearby national or state park that you haven’t been to before to make this an extra special hiking date.

Date Idea 8: Visit a local winery or brewery

Depending on you and your partners preference for beer vs wine this is a great and super fun date night. For 21+ readers of course!

A lot of breweries and wineries will offer valentines specials like cookie or cheese pairings. I recommend checking out the Instagrams of the ones in your area to see if any are offering anything fun like that.

Date Idea 9: Pick wildflowers together

*cue that picking wildflowers song*

But really this is a cute date that is the best during the spring because this is the season for flowers! If you don’t want to actually find wildflowers you can also probably find a farm or orchard of some sort near you with pick your own flowers options.

Date Idea 10: Attend a local spring festival or event

Not only is this a great way to help you and your partner get more involved in your community. It is also a great date idea for when you are early in your relationship and getting to know each other better.

Date Idea 11: Go get ice cream

Any date option that involves eating sweets is a great date.

But for this date to make it more special I recommend trying to find a fun or unique ice cream place around you that you don’t go to often!

Date Idea 12: Find an outdoor concert or play

Try using the Events page on Facebook to look for outdoor concerts or plays that are happening near you this spring.

If you are looking for affordable outdoor spring date ideas, this is great because often times you can find free outdoor concerts and plays to attend.

Date Idea 13: Go to a live sporting event

You learn a lot about the other when you see them watching their favorite team in person. Which means this is a great way to get to know each other while out and about at a fun event.

This doesn’t have to be pro or college level either if that isn’t possible where you are. Even if its watching a buddy in a rec league that’s okay too! The bonding will still be just as fun.

Date Idea 14: Go biking together

Bike riding is another fun outdoor couple activity that also doubles as your exercise for the day.

You can combine this with another date too like biking to go get ice cream!

Date Idea 15: Try a new coffee shop

Trying new things together is always fun! 

And coffee shops is one of the best ones to try out in my book because when you find a new coffee shop that you both love that is so fun and special!

Date Idea 16: Go to a rooftop happy hour

Why not combine the gorgeous weather with a happy hour deal for your next date?

Rooftop bars are just the absolute best when it is nice outside so find one near you and try it for this spring date day.

Date Idea 17: Visit a flea market

Flea markets are a great time even if you aren’t on the hunt for anything in particular.

Usually you can bet that you will find some crazy things and maybe a gem or two while you are shopping.

Date Idea 18: Have an earth day date

Visit a flea market

Flea markets are a great time even if you aren’t on the hunt for anything in particular.

Usually you can bet that you will find some crazy things and maybe a gem or two while you are shopping.

Date Idea 19: Find a local botanical garden

Botanical gardens are another one of my favorites!

Most botanical gardens will have different decorations and different plants showcased based on the season. And personally spring is one of my favorites! I definitely recommend adding a botanical garden visit to your spring dates bucket list.

Date Idea 20: Plant a windowsill herb garden

This is another fun one that is not only so spring time but also has the benefits of you getting something out of it in the long run.

Cooking with fresh herbs is amazing and actually make the herb garden is a wonderful spring time date that you can do indoors.

This is the one me and my husband use and we love it!

Date Idea 21: Make your own ice cream

Going and getting ice cream isn’t nearly as fun as making your own on a rainy day.

Get a maker like this and spend the afternoon making yummy ice cream with your partner.

Date Idea 22: Paint your own planters

This indoor spring date idea is so crafty and fun!

You can thrift some planters at your local thrift store and get some planters and then stop by a home repair store and pick up outdoor paint if you want to put them outside. If you are going to keep them inside then use any paint!

Date Idea 23: Make each other spring cocktails

I love little cocktail challenge dates like these.

You could each pick a couple cocktails and then take turns making them for each other and ranking them! Be prepared to get a little tipsy though!

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