72 Fun Date Ideas For Couples!

Have you found yourself and your significant other going on the same dates over and over? Do you want to shake it up? Then you have come to the right place! We are sharing 72 fun date ideas for couples!

There is no need to do the same dates on repeat anymore. Just save this post and you can have over a years worth of fun date ideas to spice up your date nights.

Date nights don’t need to be boring either! There are so many more options than just dinner and a movie. So keep reading through and pick your favorites for your next fun date night!

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72 Fun Date Ideas For Couples!

  1. Go to a local arcade.
  2. Do an at home paint and sip night- here’s the supplies you need plus wine!
  3. Take a cooking class together.
  4. Visit a local winery.
  5. Do a backyard (or living room) camping weekend.
  6. Visit an escape room.
  7. Go axe throwing.
  8. Go rollerskating together around a park.
  9. Have a Mario Kart marathon game day.
  10. Visit your local botanical gardens (they have fun decor usually around different holidays)!
  11. Make your own herb garden- here’s the supplies.
  12. Rent paddle boats for an afternoon.
  13. Do a brewery tour.
  14. Take a dance class together- pick a fun one besides ballroom dancing!
  15. Have an at-home spa day.
  16. Get your exercise in and go indoor rock climbing.
  17. Tie dye some of your old clothes- here’s a kit to start you out!
  18. Find a scavenger hunt for your city and do it.
  19. Go on a hiking date.
  20. Visit a local zoo (in the winter a lot of zoos do zoolights that are cool!)
  21. Take an improv class together.
  22. Go thrift shopping!
  23. Pick a totally random recipe on Pinterest and make it.
  24. Volunteer together at your favorite charity.
  25. Try a new coffee shop and order for each other.
  26. Go bowling and check if any bowling alley in your city has a bar.
  27. Make your own candles- if your city doesn’t have a store for this then grab a kit like this to do it at home.
  28. Visit a local farm and “pick your own” of whatever is in season.
  29. Take a trip to the local water park.
  30. Go to your community farmers market.
  31. Take a yoga in the park class.
  32. Go to a drive in movie (bonus if you have or rent a pickup truck).
  33. Do a pottery class together and gift your piece to the other person.
  34. Buy each other a book at a local bookstore.
  35. Rent a canoe and spend an afternoon outside.
  36. Make your own terrarium at home- this is what you need!
  37. Make breakfast for dinner and watch cartoons.
  38. Find a bar near you with Karaoke!
  39. Have an adventure and go ziplining.
  40. Do a full on water balloon fight.
  41. Check out a board game cafe or bar in your area.
  42. Go glow in the dark mini golfing.
  43. Do a science experiment video from YouTube.
  44. Go on a local bakery tour.
  45. Brew your own beer at home- here’s a kit!
  46. Check out a local open mic night.
  47. Get up early to see the sunrise somewhere scenic.
  48. Each bake a treat to see who’s is better.
  49. Visit a small local museum (they are often free!).
  50. Check out some local garage sales for some deals.
  51. Get some paint and paint funny portraits of each other!
  52. Visit a local flea market.
  53. Have a scary movie marathon night.
  54. Do the cute keepsake hand casting craft- here’s an affordable one.
  55. Go to a community play.
  56. Visit a new park and have a picnic.
  57. Try ice skating together!
  58. Fly kites together in a park or at home.
  59. Visit the local animal shelter and play with the animals.
  60. Find a photo booth and take some cute pics.
  61. Have a book club for 2 date night.
  62. Make a time capsule to open in 5 or 10 years.
  63. Embrace your inner tween and make each other friendship bracelets- here’s the supplies.
  64. Go to TopGolf (or a local equivalent).
  65. Go through your old yearbooks together.
  66. Make homemade pizza together.
  67. Try playing ultimate Frisbee.
  68. Be a tourist in your own city for a day.
  69. Give each other a tour of your home town.
  70. Ask each other 100 questions- here’s a list!
  71. Go to a midnight movie.
  72. Stay in bed literally all day!

Hope your next date night is fun and memorable!

Korra The Explorer

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