21 Date Night Ideas For New Couples To Spark The Romance

So you are in a newly official (or close enough) relationship? But want some date ideas besides dinner and a movie for your new relationship? Well we have you covered today! Below is 21 date night ideas for new couples. There is a little something for everyone below and keep scrolling to the bottom to see additional articles with date night ideas for different times of the year, occasions, and more!

But for now let’s get into these date night ideas for new couples so you can start planning your next date night with your new partner.

21 Date Night Ideas For New Couples To Spark The Romance

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21 Date Night Ideas For New Couples

Date ideas for new relationships:

Date Night 1: Enjoy a seasonal activity together

This may be a slight personal bias but seasonal dates are just so much fun. And a great way to shake things up a bit when you are first starting to date!

Here are some fun sub-date ideas for this depending on the season:

Fall: Apple picking, go to a pumpkin patch, try different coffee shops, carve or paint pumpkins together

Winter: Bake cookies together, have a holiday movie marathon, go skiing or cross country skiing, ice skating

Spring: Go on a picnic, pick wildflowers together, visit a farmers market

Summer: Visit a lake or ocean, watch fireworks, go hiking

Date Night 2: Take a cooking class together

This is not only a wonderful bonding experience for you two and a unique date night idea. But it is also a date night that can teach you useful skills that you can use in the kitchen moving forward.

Just head to Google and search for classes near you. Chances are there are ones that have special valentines themed cooking classes.

Date Night 3: Visit a local winery or brewery

Depending on you and your partners preference for beer vs wine this is a great and super fun date night. For 21+ readers of course!

A lot of breweries and wineries will offer valentines specials like cookie or cheese pairings. I recommend checking out the Instagrams of the ones in your area to see if any are offering anything fun like that.

Date Night 4: Board game night

Board game date nights are one of my favorites. When possible I love to make this a double date and invite another couple over but it is also fun for just the two of you.

A few of my favorite 2 person games include:



Battleship (also fun to turn into a drinking game if that’s the night you’re aiming for!)

Date Night 5: Attend a local festival or event

Not only is this a great way to help you and your partner get more involved in your community. It is also a great date idea for when you are early in your relationship and getting to know each other better.

Date Night 6: Go to a live sporting event

You learn a lot about the other when you see them watching their favorite team in person. Which means this is a great way to get to know each other while out and about at a fun event.

This doesn’t have to be pro or college level either if that isn’t possible where you are. Even if its watching a buddy in a rec league that’s okay too! The bonding will still be just as fun.

Date Night 7: Make a dream board

Making dream boards is such a cute and thoughtful date night. A great way for new couples to get to know each other better as well.

It gives you and your significant other the opportunity to talk about your hopes and dreams while also being crafty and having fun.

Get a poster board and cut out images and words from old magazines or print them out from the internet to embody what your dreams are.

Date Night 8: Do a “paint n sip” at home

Step one of this is to order some canvases and painting supplies if you don’t already have them then find an easy picture you want to duplicate. Try searching the theme you want on Pinterest!

The next step is to open a fun bottle of wine and have your own paint n sip night at home.

Tip: make sure to put towels down so you don’t make a mess!

Date Night 9: Recipe roulette dinner

Either open a cookbook or your recipes Pinterest board and then use a random number generator to pick a page number or pin number to determine what meal you’re making.

Make sure to plan for the time necessary to get any groceries you might need!

This is such a fun date night and encourages you to try new recipes.

Date Night 10: Have a science experiment night

This has become one of my absolutely favorite date nights. It’s so entertaining and each time you do it you can do different experiments to change it up.

You can search Google or Pinterest for fun at home science experiments or you can get a kit like these:

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab

YUM! Candy Making Science Kit

Education Solar Robot Toys -190 Pieces DIY

Date Night 11: Explore a local park

Enjoy some time outdoors and get some fresh air together by exploring a local park.

This obviously will look very different for everyone depending on where you and your new partner live but it is always a fun date to check out local parks.

Date Night 12: Try a restaurant that’s new to both of you

Often the restaurants chosen for dates at the beginning are one or both of your existing favorites.

But trying out a new restaurant together is a great way to bond and start experiencing new things together. And make sure to choose a new restaurant that is a type of food that you both generally enjoy!

Date Night 13: Drinks around the world

This is a super fun date night for a Friday night after a long work week.

Pick 5-10 different countries and create a signature drink (if you’re worried about drinking too much then split the drink between the two of you). Work together to create the fun themed drinks and have a fun night drinking “around the world” in your own home.

Date Night 14: Make a dream board

Making dream boards is such a cute and thoughtful date night.

It gives you and your significant other the opportunity to talk about your hopes and dreams while also being crafty and having fun.

Get a poster board and cut out images and words from old magazines or print them out from the internet to embody what your dreams are.

Date Night 15: Have a baking challenge

One, two, three, BAKE OFF!

This is an adorable and tasty date night.

Two different versions of this are a) each bake your favorite and best dessert or b) take one type of dessert (cupcakes, brownies, pie, etc) and each make it your own way.

If you have any kids you can let them judge the results or put pictures on Facebook and let your friends decide.

Date Night 16: Visit a farmers market

Farmers markets are so cute and of course have the added benefit of you being able to pick up some fresh produce and other goodies during the date.

If you don’t already know of one near you then just do a little googling because most towns have at least one farmers market and usually they are on Saturday or Sundays! And a lot of times there are additional vendors that you can get coffee or breakfast from as well.

Date Night 17: Go to the zoo

Zoo dates are another personal favorite! We are lucky enough to live less than 30 minutes from a zoo so this is a frequent date that we love in the spring time and I definitely recommend doing a zoo date in the spring time if you live close enough to one.

Date Night 18: Go to a drive in movie

This is such a fun twist on the common movie theater date night!

Most areas have one drive in theater still so go check it out for a cozy and fun date night with your new partner.

Date Night 19: Check out an aquarium

Aquariums are such a fun and a bit different date night idea for new couples!

Go stroll through the fun fish and sea creatures while chatting and getting to know each other even better.

Date Night 20: Be tourists in your town

This is such a fun date idea! There is probably something in your town (or general area) that attracts tourists and you probably experienced as a child on a field trip. But this time you are experiencing it on a date night with your new partner!

Date Night 21: Go to an arcade

Arcades are a super fun date night. And there are also lots of bar-cades for those readers that are 21+ and want to enjoy some fun drinks while you are playing these games.

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