8 Fun Holiday Crafts For Adults!

I love doing crafts during the holidays and even as an adult you can find so many fun crafts to do this time of the year.

They also make a super fun date night for you and your significant other. Especially if your date night involves staying in and staying warm during the cold holiday months. Spending a date night doing holiday crafts is so sweet and memorable.

Which is why I did some digging and found 8 really fun holiday inspired crafts for adults to do.

Now let’s get into the holiday craft ideas for adults!

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8 Fun Holiday Crafts For Adults:

1: Craft Unfinished Wood kit Predrilled with Hole Wooden Circles

What it is: blank wood circles that have predrilled holes so you can use them for ornaments after painting some cute Christmas doodles on them. Or add some sealant and use them for coasters!

2: 20 Pack 80mm/3.15in Fillable Clear Ornaments Balls

What it is: empty ornament balls that you can fill with whatever fun things you want! I love the ones that are filled with confetti!

3: Bucilla Felt Applique Stocking Kit (18-Inch), Frosty Night

What it is: Make your own cute stocking this year! This is a all in one kit for making a stocking- there is also lot’s of other design options.

4: 2 Sets Christmas Embroidery Cross Stitch Starter Kit 

What it is: An embroidery kit with everything you need to make some cute hand crafted embroidery for your holiday decor!

5: Christmas Ornament DIY kit, Felt Christmas Ornament

What it is: This kit is everything you need to make some adorable felt ornaments for your tree this year!

6: Candle Making Kit Supplies DIY Scented Soy Candles 

What it is: A full kit for making your own soy candles! How is this a holiday craft? By getting oils that are holiday scented so that the candles can be holiday scented. I like to get spiced scents and baked good scents around the holidays.

7: Paint Your Own 5″ Mini Wooden Nutcrackers Christmas Craft Kit Box Set of 6 DIY

What it is: Nutcrackers are super fun decor items for the holidays and these are ones that you can paint yourself! Such a simple and fun craft for the holiday times.

8: Latch Hook Kits DIY Crocheting Rug with Christmas Tree Pattern Printed Canvas Home Decoration

What it is: A latch hook kit with a super cute Christmas tree print on the front that will look great in any home during the holidays.

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