51 Open When Letter Ideas For Significant Others

Open When letters are such a sweet and thoughtful gift to do for your significant other. But if you are wanting to do a lot of them it can be hard to come up with ideas!

So today we are going to talk about 51 Open When Letter ideas that you can write to your significant other to help your relationship!

What is an Open When letter?

It is a letter you write for your significant other that you set a time for them to open! You’ll see examples below but the general idea is that they can only open the letter when the scenario or date on the envelope matches!

I recommend explaining a bit to your partner if they aren’t familiar with these letters! So that they don’t open their “open when” letters on the wrong date or in the wrong scenario.

Is an “open when” letter only for long distance?

I have seen this question a lot online and the answer is no! I definitely think these are so thoughtful to do during a long distance relationship but you don’t HAVE to be in a long distance relationship to do open when letters. They are a sweet gesture and very meaningful.

I have seen brides to do them for the year leading up to their wedding or the first year of marriage and I think those are both amazing ideas!

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51 Open When Letter Ideas:

  1. Open when… it’s our anniversary.
  2. Open when… I’m frustrating you.
  3. Open when… you need to be reminded I love you.
  4. Open when… you are in need of a good laugh.
  5. Open when… it’s your birthday.
  6. Open when… we haven’t spent enough time together.
  7. Open when… it’s Christmas.
  8. Open when… you’re feeling nostalgic.
  9. Open when… you are overwhelmed.
  10. Open when… you can’t make a hard decision.
  11. Open when… you need some motivation.
  12. Open when… you are embarrassed.
  13. Open when… you are feeling bored.
  14. Open when… you are planning our future.
  15. Open when…you don’t feel appreciated.
  16. Open when… you need a boost of strength.
  17. Open when… you are struggling to tell me something.
  18. Open when… you need a fun memory.
  19. Open when… it’s New Year’s Eve.
  20. Open when… something bad has happened.
  21. Open when… we can’t pick a restaurant.
  22. Open when… we’re about to go on a trip together.
  23. Open when… you did something dumb.
  24. Open when… you need to be showered in compliments.
  25. Open when… you are feeling romantic.
  26. Open when… it’s Valentines day.
  27. Open when… you need to be reassured.
  28. Open when… you need a friend.
  29. Open when… something goes wrong at work.
  30. Open when… it’s my birthday.
  31. Open when… you feel alone in the world.
  32. Open when… it’s the start of your favorite sport season.
  33. Open when… you need to rant.
  34. Open when… we can’t pick a movie or tv show.
  35. Open when… I did something dumb.
  36. Open when… you are struggling to forgive me.
  37. Open when… you want to make a wish.
  38. Open when… we aren’t spending a Holiday together.
  39. Open when… you’re scared about our future.
  40. Open when… you know I’m feeling sad.
  41. Open when… you need to know why I love you.
  42. Open when… you are having an awesome day.
  43. Open when… you can’t sleep.
  44. Open when… you’re feeling jealous.
  45. Open when… you feel a bit lost.
  46. Open when… I am being extra needy.
  47. Open when… you want a trip down memory lane.
  48. Open when… you feel homesick.
  49. Open when… we’re celebrating something exciting.
  50. Open when… you feel out of place.
  51. Open when… you just want to!

Remember to write Open When letters that are relevant to your relationship and will help you and your significant feel closer.

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