14 Bold Lip Colors For Fall 2020

As we get truly into the fall months it is the beginning of the bold lip season! Don’t get me wrong- you can absolutely do bold lips any time of the year but I am loving these shades for the fall and winter time this year. So we are going to chat about the perfect bold lip colors for fall 2020.

With clothing colors and other makeup trends the fall ends up being the perfect time of the year to experiment with more intense lips. Trying out some different and more bold lip colors is a fun way to spice up your makeup during the fall and winter times!

Scare of bold lips?

I used to be so scared to try out bold lips but I have slowly eased into them and am really excited to embrace the bold lips looks this fall season. But if you are nervous and uncertain about trying bold lips then my advice is to ease into it!

Try a slightly more intense shade then your usual and then when you feel more comfortable committing to a bold lip then just wear it around the house for a day! Get used to yourself seeing the bright lip in the mirror before you wear it out in public or around anyone you are nervous to wear it in front of.

And remember- makeup is for you! Rock what you want to and what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. And have fun!

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14 Bold Lip Colors For Fall 2020:

Note: the names of the bold lips are the brand followed by the shade name! Click the whole title of each one to buy them if you want to rock a new bold lip color!

1: Hue Noir – Fuschia On Fire

2: NYX – Wife Goals

3: Urban Decay – Spellbound

4: Tarte – Extra

5: MAC – Russian Red

6: Lipstick Queen – Red Plum

7: Buxom – Soft Whisper

8: Clinque – Black Honey

9: Revlon – Wine With Everything

10: Maybelline – Berry Bossy

11: Almay – Be Strong

12: NYX – Sugar Pie

13: Urban Decay – Purgatory

14: MAC – Clever

Have fun playing with and rocking a bold lip this fall! I hope you found a great new bold lip shade to check out for this fall because these are my favorites!

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