5 Travel Beauty Items to Remember

So you’re packing for your awesome vacation and of course you remember your favorite mascara and must have foundation but do you remember the little less exciting things?

Because no one wants to find themselves frantically looking for a Target or if you’re on a trip like a cruise not having any options to grab these items if you forgot!

Make sure to let me know what your favorite beauty/toiletries items are for traveling and what others need to remember to bring in the comments.

Travel Makeup Wipes

You don’t necessarily want to bring your whole 200 count pack of makeup remover wipes especially if you have limited space. Which is why I adore these single makeup remover towelettes from Neutrogena. You can grab just the exact number that you will need and toss the packaging as you go!


Non aerosol hairspray

This is really important if you are flying without a checked bag! Thankfully TRESemme makes travel sized non aerosol hairspray that is perfect to throw in your carry on for traveling. I also like these little ones even if you’re checking a bag because if they leak the damage is more contained!

But please use a lined cosmetic bag or even zip block bags to protect your clothes from any liquids.

Travel Size Razor

The travel size part is just for convenience but it’s so easy to forget items that usually live in the shower not on your counter with everything else! I also love to keep little travel size ones handy in case they get lost or damaged during travel since I love my main one with replaceable heads!

Disposable Tooth Brushes

Okay these are great to keep in your purse all the time but I think they are extra nice to have when you’re traveling. You can refresh your mouth in between meals and make sure your teeth are clean for pictures. And if you don’t want to bring your electric toothbrush you can bring these (or get a “normal” toothbrush!).


Face Sunscreen

This face sunscreen stick is amazing because you can take the whole thing through the airport and there’s no chance that it leaks out anywhere. I believe in using SPF on your face year round even if you’re going on a trip to somewhere cold. The sun can still cause damage to your skin even if it’s chilly outside.


I am looking forward to bringing all these items on my next vacation? What commonly forgotten must haves are you bringing?!


Korra the Explorer