Best Shoes For Standing All Day

If 5 years in the hospitality industry has taught me anything it’s that shoes can make or break you.

Seriously, not just good but the RIGHT shoes are so important for any job where you are standing all day.

Walking too but standing in one place is a totally different situation for your feet and it’s not a great position for the human body to be in for 8+ hours at a time.

I have tried at least 15 different types and styles of standing shoes over my years working in the hospitality industry (primarily standing at the front desk of hotels) and I would have loved to have this knowledge years ago so here it is!


There are 2 shoes listed here for 2 different purposes, the Nikes are definitely the best however there is a lot of work places that won’t consider them professional enough which is where the sketchers come into play. Definitely more appropriate for positions like a hotel front desk where you are in business clothes but not quite as comfortable as the Nikes!

Option #1:

Nike Tanjun

Screenshot_2020-01-01 Amazon com NIKE Women's Tanjun Running Shoes Nike Shoes

Hands down these are my favorite shoes for standing all day. They are sold as running shoes and I am sure they would be great for that but they are insanely awesome for standing in one place as well.

The basics of these shoes are great- good quality, back doesn’t rub against your foot, etc.

But there are some features that make them excellent for standing in.

-They aren’t overly structured which allows your feet to be in a more natural position.

-The sole of them is supportive but has the perfect amount of cushion that it isn’t so firm. Firm soles for me always resulted in more sore legs, I won’t claim to understand the biology as to why but seriously if you don’t try these then try a shoe that has a thick enough sole that your foot isn’t flat on the ground but make sure it has some “give”.

-Breathable material, so important!

-I also love that they come in an all black version since a lot of work places do require all black shoes.


Option #2:

Sketchers Seager Stat

Screenshot_2020-01-01 Amazon com Skechers Women's Seager-Stat-Scalloped Collar, Engineered Skech-Knit Slip-on-Classic Fit L[...]

I found these after trying the sketchers go walks and really liking them but at that point I was promoted and needed a more professional shoe but was still standing 10+ hours every day.

I was so excited to find these because they had the comfort and support of go walks but with a more professional look.

These ones work for pretty much the same reasons as the nikes but with the top of them being more of a flat and less of a sneaker they don’t hold your ankle in place so they are slightly less ideal but still really great for standing in place all day.



If neither of these work for you make sure to look for shoes that have these features:

-Breathable material

-Flexible fit, not too stiff

-Soles that have give to them but aren’t totally flat

-Structure around the ankle but not the rest of the shoe


Any shoes you swear by for standing all day? Share the knowledge in the comments!


Korra The Explorer