How To Make Your Showers More Relaxing and Calming

One of my favorite ways to incorporate calm and relaxing elements into my day is by creating a shower routine that helps with that. It is a part of our days that can be utilized as we want and if you are also looking for more relaxing parts of your day then I recommend continuing to read. Because below I go through the helpful ideas for how to make your showers more relaxing and calming.

And remember- what relaxes and calms you is very personal. Hopefully some of the ideas for creating a relaxing shower routine below will work for you. Or at least help inspire some ideas that will work for you! But don’t be afraid to try different things in order to determine what works the best for you. And what creates the calmest shower routine for you that truly relaxes you.

So let’s get into these ideas!

How To Make Your Showers More Relaxing and Calming

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How To Make Your Showers More Relaxing and Calming

Ideas for creating a relaxing shower routine:

Idea 1: Use a shower steamer.

This first idea for creating a relaxing and calming shower routine is a fun one that you can easily personalize.

If you want the more traditional and go-to scents for a shower steamer that are relaxing try a eucalyptus scent or lavender scent steamer.

Or if you, like me, prefer fruity scents then don’t feel that you have to go with a traditionally relaxing scent. Relaxation is personal and all about creating an enjoyable experience that doesn’t add stress to your life and ideally makes your life feel less stressful in that moment.

Also, if you aren’t sure the scent you like or want for your relaxing shower then grab a variety set like this to try some out.

Idea 2: Create a relaxing playlist.

This is an idea that I totally swear by! I made a shower playlist about a year ago and use it almost every time and it really helps to set the mood.

As silly as it may sound it helps to keep my mind in a more peaceful and relaxing place rather than wandering around to thinking about whatever is stressing me out. And maybe (hopefully) a shower playlist that is relaxing to you can do that too.

And a relaxing playlist doesn’t just have to be calm, quiet music. It can be whatever music makes you feel calm and comforted!

Idea 3: Use relaxing lighting.

This is easy to achieve if your bathroom has a dimmer. But it is still achievable if you don’t!

Grab one of these “pool” orb lights that are rechargeable and color changing so you can make the lighting exactly what you want in the bathroom. Honestly even if you have a dimmer they may be worth it if your lighting is too harsh because you can create the exact calming atmosphere in the bathroom that you want.

Idea 4: Use products you truly like.

This may seem obvious but in our highly marketed world it can feel like we “have” to use or like certain products. But if there is one that you really like and that makes you feel calmed.

If you enjoy and love a product and it brings you joy during your shower routine then go ahead and use it!

Idea 5: Light a candle.

Candles are a simple yet so helpful tool for creating the calm atmosphere that you want.

They can help with both the scent and the lighting in your shower!

But please make sure to take safety precautions and use a jar candle that has glass edges taller than the flame. This is always true but especially in the bathroom with increased chances of slipping or falling.

Idea 6: Install a shower head you love.

This final idea is one that I recommend but can’t tell you what shower head because it is so personal. For me I love a more harsh pressure and don’t enjoy a rain style shower. But I know others adore that!

Also, usually you can change the shower head out even if you rent. And it’s not difficult to do- trust me because I have done it and I am not overly handy!

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