13 Affordable Living Room Wall Art Pieces

I love changing up my wall art as the seasons change and honestly whenever I feel like it.

However, that can be a super pricey habit.

Like SUPER pricey. So over the years I have spent a lot of time investigating where I can purchase new wall decor on a whim without breaking the bank. And *probably a little surprising to some*  my favorite place has become to order it off Amazon.

They have thousands of super affordable options and they ship to your home in 2 days. Instant gratification for the win!

Below is just a couple of the thousands of options they have but they are 13 of my current favorite pieces you can get and Every. Single. One. is below $50!

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Cost $26.99 (for all 3!)

Love, love, love botanical wall art for the spring and summer time!

Cost $12.97

Also would love these “inhale, exhale” wall art over the master bed!

Cost $15.88

Cost $43.99

A little more expensive but this is a piece that could work so many different ways!

Cost $29.99

Geode art is amazing and always a conversation starter!

Cost $35.70

Cost $14.99

These colors would be amazing with any wall color.

Cost $24.90

Cost $9.95

Cost $35.99

Love the colors and variety of patterns on this, so cool!

Cost $41.99

Cost $35.99

These colors are absolutely perfect! I can’t wait for this to arrive and hang it up in my entry way!

Cost $37.37


What is your favorite style of wall art? Let me know in the comments!

Korra The Explorer

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