Tips & Tricks for Ordering on SHEIN

Affordable fashion can be amazing especially for all my ladies on a college (or any other limited) budget.

But there is a catch.

You need to make sure that you are taking the right steps to get the products you want and make sure they fit. It’s worth the extra couple minutes to make sure you are sizing the items correctly and double-checking all the reviews.

SHEIN is one of my absolute favorite fast fashion” sites. They constantly have new products and they have clothes for all sizes which I love.

I order at least a couple items from them every season and have learned a couple tips and tricks for making sure I get cute items that look right on me.

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Pay Attention to Sizing Guides

The sizing guide varies from item to item it is NOT universal across the website. So pay attention to it for each item you are ordering.

Size chart for SHEIN

If you don’t know your measurements then you have to grab a measuring tape and take them before ordering anything!

Make sure at minimum to measure your shoulder, bust, waist, and hip. If you want something to fit exactly perfect then I would recommend measuring arm and leg lengths as well.

Extra tip: if you feel like you are “between” sizes on anything then you should always size up. In general it’s safe to assume most things you buy from a fast fashion site are going to run a little bit small.

Get The App

I find that not only is the app easier to navigate but there is also bonuses for logging into the app regularly and app exclusive deals and offers.

To get the bonuses for logging into click the “check in daily” button (just make sure you already made an account) and that’s it. And some of the bonuses have been awesome!

If you set push notifications on your phone it will remind you daily as well.


There is also a flash sale section where you can get super cute items for less than $5?! Cheaper than a Starbucks order. 


Free Shipping can take awhile

And that’s totally okay but if you are ordering something that is for an event and is time sensitive then you might want to upgrade to an express shipping option.

I have never had an order from them take more than 2 weeks but in the era of Amazon Prime it’s easy to forget that packages can take more than a couple days. So be patient, your goodies will come but it might take a 7-10 business days!


Read the reviews

Trust your fellow ladies!

The reviews can be very telling and often times people will include pictures of the products that are a little more telling about things like if the item is see-through, form fitting, etc.

If you find yourself loving SHEIN like me then help out everyone else and upload reviews (ideally with pictures as well) of the items! Spread the love.


2 of my favorite SHEIN pieces of all time:

I wear this cami under my suits to work all the time! It’s held up awesome over the past year – unfortunately it’s currently sold out so I’m going to link a similar one here.

I love this laser cut skirt and I have found that I can dress it up or down super easily! The laser cut design has held up in the wash which is awesome.


Make sure to share your favorite SHEIN shopping tips in the comments below! And if you found this helpful drop your email in the subscription box for more fashion tips & tricks.


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