The 6 Perfect Dresses For Cold Weather 2020

I love dresses year round! And I don’t even live somewhere warm (I’m in Ohio now but originally from Minnesota!). I fully believe that with the right layering and jackets you can totally pull off and stay warm in dresses even in the cold weather.

Which is why I am sharing these super cute cold weather dresses with you all! They are all cold weather dresses from one of my favorite online shops- Goodnight Macaroon!

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6 Cold Weather Dresses for 2020:

1) ‘Michelle’ Button Down Cardigan Dress

How to stay warm: with the buttons I recommend wearing a bodycon dress under and then you can pair with thick tights and tan or cream boots!

Get it here!

2) ‘Sonika’ V-Neck Dotted Waist Tied Mini Dress

How to stay warm: black tights and some knee high black boots and you have the perfect outfit for a winter time date!

Get it here!

3) ‘Maury’ Cut-Out Shoulder Turtleneck Sweater Dress

How to stay warm: With how warm this dress already is you can get away with just boots and a little jacket or even skipping the jacket if it’s not too cold outside and adding some gorgeous layered necklaces.

Get it here!

4) ‘Joey’ Ruffled Sleeves Layered Dress

How to stay warm: This is such an on trend dress for 2020. Adding a denim jacket and some taupe booties would be absolutely perfect for a cold weather look!

Get it here!

5) ‘Mila’ Cotton Wrinkled Waist Maxi Dress

How to stay warm: the color of this dress is super on trend and perfect for the colder months of 2020! Add a black denim jacket and with the maxi length you are all set for a cute day outside even in the winter time.

Get it here!

6) ‘Gina’ V-neck Distressed White Sweater Dress

How to stay warm: this distressed dress is definitely my favorite and it is so stylish for this year! Pair it with some black tights, leather black boots, and some gold jewelry so you can be warm and on trend!

Get it here!

Best of luck finding the perfect cold weather dresses for you! Getting creative is essential to making a dress work in the fall and winter but it is totally doable to wear a cute dress any time of the year with the right layers and accessories!

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