Low Calorie Macaroni Salad

I LOVE any variation of a pasta salad. But let’s all be real here- they are NOT great for your waist line.

Which is no surprise with all the mayo (and often ranch) that goes into most pasta salads.

So I set out on a mission to make a flavorful macaroni salad that was lower calories AND still yummy.

Bonus: this recipe can easily be made vegan!

macaroni salad



Ingredients you need:

Pasta noodles – I’m using elbow noodles but really you could use any smaller shape that you want. In general use one box!

1 green bell pepper

1 large cucumber

1 large tomato

1 white onion

Honey mustard- to make it low calories use the Boathouse honey mustard made with yogurt. Less than half the calories of “normal” honey mustard and way less than mayo or ranch!

***to make this step vegan then use a standard mustard and add in a little soy milk or make your own vegan honey mustard!


Onion Powder

Salt & pepper


Supplies you need:

A pot (for boiling water)

Cutting board


Large bowl for mixing & stirring

Large spoon




1) start boiling the water for the pasta

2) once boiled, put the pasta in and stir it every couple minutes.

3) strain the pasta ONCE it’s to the softness you desire. I prefer very soft pasta salad so I cook mine until they are very well cooked & soft.  Set to the side to cool down

4) chop the onions (or buy pre-chopped if you hate cutting onions like me!), green bell pepper, cucumber, and tomato

5) once the pasta is cooled down to at least room temp, mix in the ingredients above.

6) add in the honey mustard, keep stirring until everything is totally mixed together.

7) add in the seasonings: 2 hearty shakes of paprika, onion powder, salt & pepper. stir until totally mixed together. Taste it, if it still needs more flavor keep adding the paprika and onion powder in slowly.

8) put in the fridge and wait to enjoy until it has been completely cooled down.






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