Busch Gardens Tours- Are They Worth It?

Busch Gardens is so much more than just a normal amusement park. Why? Because of all the exotic animals roaming around!

But really seeing and interacting with the animals is going to cost you some extra $$$.

Quite a bit of extra money if you have a bigger group. So is it worth it? Here’s my thoughts after experiencing 2 different tours that they offer:

Serengeti Safari & Elephant Insider Tour


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The Serengeti Safari

Cost per person – $39.99

*Note- every guest must be at least 5 years old.

What does it include- a 30 minute tour in an open air truck of the Serengeti planes. There is a range of animals you will get to see- giraffes, zebras, rhino, ostriches, and more!

If a giraffe is willing you also get to feed one! This beautiful girl in the picture above came right up to our tour and we got to feed her each a piece or two of lettuce and get some pretty awesome pictures with her.

While riding around in the truck the tour guides will tell you lots of fun and interesting facts about the animals. Our guide was fantastic and answered all the weird questions people asked and made the experience even better!

As you can tell, you get to get pretty up close to the animals on the tours. The only one you can touch at all is the giraffe!


The Elephant Insider Tour

So we did this tour pretty much for me. I LOVE elephants! They have been my favorite animal for my whole life and getting the chance to feed one made my whole trip!

That being said I definitely am a little bias on this experience but everyone else in our group of 9 (ages ranging from 18-72) all loved this tour too.

Cost per person- $29.99

*Note- every guest must be at least 10 years old.

What does it include– a 30 minute walking tour lead by one of the elephant keepers! You get to walk around the inside of the elephant barn (which is huge and awesome!) and then go into the keepers only part where they do daily training and engage with the elephants.

At the end is the best part- you get to feed the elephants! Each person in the tour (ours was only 11 total people and I believe they keep them pretty small) gets to feed a couple pieces of a vegetable to the elephants and get a picture with them.

These beautiful animals are so smart guys, I could watch them all day and it was so cool to watch them play games with their keepers!

I didn’t take that smile off my face all day!


So to answer the original question- Busch Garden Tours, are they worth it? I would say YES. They are unique and interactive tours that are worth every penny of fun!

The kind of memories that, young or older, you will remember for a very long time.


Also- if you are going to pick one of these two I would say, unless you are equally obsessed with elephants, to do the Serengeti tour. It is definitely the tour that they have where you get to see the most animals.

For even more pictures of both of these experiences make sure to check out my Instagram @KorraShay.


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