Baltic Born Try On Haul and Reviews: Maxi dresses!

I love nothing more than trying out new brands and I have only heard good things about Baltic Born so I decided to give them a try. I was in desperate need of some maxi dresses as spring approaches so I figured they were a great item to check out from this beautiful brand. I grabbed 5 different maxi dresses and did a try on video haul and review here! But I wanted to share more details as well so I recommend watching that video to see live footage of how the dresses look on and then reading the thoughts to help you if you are deciding on some maxi dresses or want to learn more about this brand.

So let’s get into this Baltic Born try on haul and review!

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Baltic Born Try On Haul and Reviews: Maxi dresses!

2023 maxi dresses for every situation and reviews:

Pink and white double slit maxi dress:

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Thoughts: This dress is so beautiful! I love the double slit in the front which gives a unique and fun twist to this maxi dress. I also love that the wrap top actually has a button and it works (lol) and keeps the girls properly contained. My only complaint is that the material wrinkles a too quickly.

Halter top scarf print neutral maxi dress:

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Thoughts: I am obsessed with the pattern and material of this dress. Works for every season! The only thing I would note is that the material on the front just barely contains my girls and if you have any larger of a chest it probably wouldn’t work so keep that in mind.

Off the shoulder long sleeve smocked maxi dress:

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Thoughts: Okay this is the most perfect maxi dress I have ever purchased! The fit is perfect the colors are so fun but not too crazy that the dress can’t be worn more casually. I also adore the ruffle tiered elements of the bottom.

Oh and the smocked top holds everything up wonderfully without being too tight!

Short puff sleeve smocked floral maxi dress with ruffle details:

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Thoughts: Another 10/10 maxi dress! I love that you can style the sleeves with the shoulders up to create a square neck look or down for a sexier off the shoulder vibe.

Blue and white tiered maxi dress with floral pattern:

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Thoughts: This dress is a coastal granddaughter dream! However, I do wish it was just a v neck top and didn’t have the tie strings because they don’t work with the formality of the rest of the dress. But that absolutely won’t stop me from wearing this floral maxi dress all summer long.

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