8 Tips For Sticking To A Meal Plan

Meal plans sound great. Eat healthier, save money, time efficient, etc. That is all awesome but the hard part of a meal plan is sticking to them.

It is so easy to make the plan and say you’re going to stick to it but actually doing that is difficult! So I have compiled my favorite tips that will help you stick to that meal plan. Keep reading to learn my important 8 time for sticking to a meal plan!

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Tip 1) make your plan before grocery shopping

You have to write your meal plan before grocery shopping. It sounds so obvious but it’s a common scenario where you make the quick decision to go run and get groceries when you have a bit of time to do it. But you are going without creating your meal plan!

You may think “oh I can plan as I go” at the grocery store but that never works out!

So grab a meal planner and make a set schedule for what day you make the meal plan and what day you get groceries!

Tip 2) keep a running grocery list

Yes you will need to create a grocery list for the items you need after creating your meal plan but there are basics you don’t always remember to include when thinking about making a meal. Such as seasonings and condiments that you run out of during the week.

Also don’t forget about adding snacks especially if there are kids in your home!

Tip 3) post the meal plan visible to everyone

Keeping the meal plan visible to everyone in your household makes sure that everyone is on the same page!

It also allows everyone else to bring up concerns or thoughts about the meals! It also helps with the “what are we having for dinner!?” questions from your family members!

Tip 4) change it up regularly

If you are creating basically the same meal plan every week then you are going too get bored quickly. Which leads to you wanting to eat out so that you don’t keep eating the same food constantly. So change up your meal plan – thankfully with all the amazing recipes on Pinterest this isn’t hard to do!

Tip 5) make sure the meal plan is weekly

I have witnessed people trying to do daily meal plans each morning or get too ambitious with monthly meal plans.

And in general both of those plans have way more issues being realistic and easy to stick to. So unless you become a pro meal planner it is best to just stick to creating a weekly meal plan.

Tip 6) account for your life plans and changes in your plans!

Life happens! And if you don’t acknowledge that and readjust when needed then you will fall off your entire meal plan.

End up with spontaneous dinner plans with friends? That’s okay! Just rearrange your meal plan and get back on track for the next meal.

I also recommend having at least 1 back up meal always on hand. In case a food item goes bad quickly or you get home too late to make the original meal. That happens! Just have a plan in mind for when life happens.

Tip 7) you’re not accounting for prep & cook time

Think about your life schedule and the realistic time frames for cooking the meals on your meal plan.

If you are not accounting for prep time and the actual cooking time then you end up frequently not actually making the meals on your meal plan. So always account for the actual time included with each meal and what your daily schedule looks when assigning which meals to which days!

Tip 8) you need a running meals idea and ratings lists

There are 2 important lists to keep when trying to stick to a meal plan:

List 1) a running meals idea list. Keep a list on your phone of meal ideas when you think of them or when you see them somewhere! This makes the meal planning time shorter and easier.

List 2) Meal ratings list. After you make a new meal add it to this list and note everyone’s thoughts on it and and tips for the next time you make it. This will gradually help make the meal planning process much easier.

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