100 Items For Your Healthy Grocery List

Sometimes inspiration is really needed in order to have a healthy grocery list!

Why is a grocery list important for eating healthy?

Grocery lists are so important for eating healthy because they help you stick to getting only healthy foods. And if you only have healthy foods accessible then you are so much more likely to stick to a healthier diet.

They are also essential if you are meal planning and meal planning is one of the best ways to get healthier. Once you have planned your meals for the week you need to do a grocery run and make sure that you have enough of the right ingredients to make everything for the meal plan.

So grab your grocery list notepad (hint: if you don’t have a magnetic one to put on the fridge then invest in one like this) and get to planning your grocery trip for the week!

Note: yes there are 100 items on this list but you probably don’t need to get 100 different items on your grocery run. This is inspiration!

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  1. Fruit- bananas
  2. Fruit- berries (seasonal is best)
  3. Fruit- avocados
  4. Fruit- melon (seasonal is best)
  5. Fruit- grapes
  6. Fruit- limes (for cooking and drinks)
  7. Fruit- lemons (for cooking and drinks)
  8. Fruit- apples
  9. Fruit- oranges
  10. Veggies- onions
  11. Veggies- bell peppers
  12. Veggies- lettuce
  13. Veggies- spinach
  14. Veggies- celery
  15. Veggies- cucumbers
  16. Veggies- cauliflower
  17. Veggies- broccoli
  18. Veggies- green beans
  19. Veggies- carrots
  20. Veggies- corn (preferably fresh)
  21. Veggies- butternut squash
  22. Beans- black or kidney beans
  23. Beans- chickpeas (and/or hummus)
  24. Nuts- peanut butter
  25. Nuts- almond butter
  26. Nuts- almonds
  27. Nuts- cashews
  28. Nuts- pistachios
  29. Grains- whole bread
  30. Grains- wheat tortilla shells
  31. Grains- white rice
  32. Grains- brown rice
  33. Grains- wild rice
  34. Grains- wheat pasta
  35. Grains- veggie pasta
  36. Grains- quinoa
  37. Grains- oatmeal
  38. Grains- bread crumbs
  39. Protein- lean beef
  40. Protein- chicken
  41. Protein- tofu
  42. Protein- salmon
  43. Protein- shrimp
  44. Protein- seasonal fish
  45. Protein- lean deli turkey
  46. Protein- ground turkey
  47. Dairy- coffee creamer
  48. Dairy- eggs
  49. Dairy- almond milk
  50. Dairy- greek yogurt
  51. Dairy- low calorie ice cream (like Halo Top)
  52. Dairy- cottage cheese
  53. Dairy- low calorie cheese slices
  54. Dairy- string cheese
  55. Cooking supplies- avocado cooking oil
  56. Cooking supplies- baking powder
  57. Cooking supplies- baking soda
  58. Cooking supplies- cornstarch
  59. Cooking supplies- vanilla extract
  60. Cooking supplies- cocoa powder
  61. Cooking supplies- honey
  62. Cooking supplies- whole wheat flour
  63. Cooking supplies- almond flour
  64. Cooking supplies- coconut oil
  65. Cooking supplies- apple cider vinegar
  66. Cooking supplies- maple syrup
  67. Spices- garlic powder
  68. Spices- onion powder
  69. Spices- red pepper flakes
  70. Spices- cayenne pepper
  71. Spices- oregano
  72. Spices- cinnamon
  73. Condiments- fat free soy sauce
  74. Condiments- hot sauce
  75. Condiments- mustard
  76. Condiments- ketchup
  77. Condiments- sriracha
  78. Condiments- barbecue sauce
  79. Herbs- garlic
  80. Herbs- basil
  81. Herbs- chives
  82. Herbs- rosemary
  83. Frozen- cauliflower rice
  84. Frozen- fruit variety bags
  85. Frozen- veggies variety bags
  86. Drinks- coffee pods or gound
  87. Drinks- caffeinated tea
  88. Drinks- sleep tea
  89. Drinks- seltzer water
  90. Drinks- low fat juice
  91. Drinks- coconut water
  92. Drinks- protein shakes
  93. Snacks- applesauce
  94. Snacks- dried fruit
  95. Snacks- low calorie popcorn
  96. Snacks- protein bars
  97. Snacks- pita chips
  98. Snacks- trail mix
  99. Snacks- salsa
  100. Snacks- granola bar

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