Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Links

We may be an affiliate for some companies and services. Through these programs, we are able to provide a product link to use in a blog post. These links often offer a small discount. When someone clicks that link and purchases the product, I am also given a small commission for that sale.

Clicking or shopping through these links does not increase the cost of the product for you if you choose to purchase through the link.

Do not feel obligated to purchase through my links or at all. I include links to products I truly enjoy and believe that you will as well.

I note on a post with affiliate links so you are aware. The links do not impact my thoughts and opinions and I will not promote products that I do not believe in.


On occasion, I may produce review content of a product or service. These reviews will often be in partnership with a company, in which I have been provided with the product or service by the company for free. Again, I will make an explicit statement if I am being sponsored or was given the item for free / a discount.

All reviews I make are my own personal thoughts and opinions on the product or service and are not influenced by the company at all.  I make the reviews according to how it suits me and my needs, however please remember it may not necessarily work the same for you.

I will always disclose the partnership and truthful relationship between myself and the company in question, indicating whether or not the product or service was purchased by myself or given to me for free or at a discount.

No Endorsements

I may refer to other products or services in my blog content. I name such products/companies/services only to give my readers an idea or source of inspiration, however, such information provided is not in connection with the corresponding companies. I retain no responsibility for any inaccuracy of information. This information is provided only as a reference for my users, and it is your responsibility to conduct your own research and make your own decisions about the product or service.



If you would like to collaborate with me or have any questions about this affiliate disclaimer, please contact me at


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